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Worried about your scalp being damaged with all the treatments and products you are using? Worry no more! Use Nano Impact 100 to moisturize and bring back your healthy scalp!

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NanoImpact 100
NanoImpact 100 is a state-of-the-art hair growth product with excellent permeability and sustainability using nanocapsule technology based on Drug Delivery System (DDS), a medical technology for delivering the proper components to the proper location and ensuring continued release over a long period of time.
100 Trillion Permeability

The “PLGA nanoparticles” technology that Hosokawa Micron  created allows the product to penetrate* past the oily pores and into your hair follicles.

100 Trillion Durability

The active ingredients reach and stay in your scalp! The “PLGA nanoparticles” will break down from the  moisture in your scalp and release its ingredients  continuously.

100 Trillion Strength

Stimulates fast results! At Hosokawa Micron, we have combined the most number  of ingredients ever, including active and moisturizing ingredients  to improve you hair and scalp condition.

100 Trillion Nanoparticles into the Hair Follicles!

Plantain seed extract

Plantago major has a height of 30-60cm. It grows 8-10 seeds which are 1-2 mm and shaped like a rugby ball.

Japanese camellia extract

Japanese camellia blooms in early spring and has dark green leaves. It grows fruits  at the same time it blooms in spring time, taking up to half a year to mature.

Bilberry leaf extract

Bilberries are 20-60 cm tall. Its leaves are bright green with an oval shape and serrated edges. Bell-shaped flowers bloom from April to June.

Angelica extract

Angelica is known for its vitality. Its Japanese name, Ashitaba, comes from ashita meaning tomorrow and “ba” or “ha” meaning leaf. It is because even if you pluck its leaf, angelica grows new leaf by the next day.

Experience Japan in your Scalp with NanoImpact 100


Hosokawa Micron

Hosokawa Micron Group brought to life this product to support your health and beauty through Nano Technology, made in Japan.


Global Leader

Hosokawa have been a leading force in developing and manufacturing the powder processing machines since the beginning.


NanoImpact Series developed from a National Project

Hosokawa Micron has been working together with Gifu Pharmaceutical University on the national project of the development of nanotechnology for pharmaceuticals conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

We applied this nanotechnology and DDS, the drug delivery system to develop the NanoImpact Series for the benefit of the people. It is a hair growth treatment that focuses its permeability on delivering the ingredients into the scalp.

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What People Says

I am very pleased that my hair is now stronger and has volume. I am very satisfied with the result; something I’ve never experienced before. Thank you very much.

(Male, 66 years old)

I’ve tried other hair loss treatments before, but I could never experience any results. However, after using NanoImpact, I can definitely feel the difference in my hair.

(Male, 53 years old)

NanoImpact is incredible. I was going to rely on oral medications, but now I no longer need them. This product is an amazing innovation.

(Male, 50 years old)

My grandson used to tell me, “Grandpa, you have no hair,” but now he tells me “Grandpa, your head looks different. I can see your hair now!” He seems to be very surprised. It’s all because I’ve been using NanoImpact every day. I will continue to take care of my hair.

(Male, 65 years old)

1-2 months after using Hosokawa Micron’s NanoImpact, I went to the hair salon to trim my hair. The hairdresser told me, “Your hair seems to be stronger than before.” I wasn’t aware of it myself but was extremely happy to hear this. I will continue using this product.

(Male, 42 years old)

3 months after using this product, I could not see much growth in my hair. However, after 6 months using this product, I am beginning to see a difference in the sides of my head (on top of my ears) which had been my concern for quite a while. Since then, I use this product twice every day at morning and night, and my hairdresser told me, “Recently, your hair seems to have more strength to it, I was delighted.”

(Male, 58 years old)

Hosokawa Micron Group, Japan

Global leader of particle technology

HOSOKAWA MICRON CORPORATION (part of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) was founded in Nishi-ku, Osaka in April 1916. We have been growing as a leading company in particle technology with the corporate philosophy of contributing to the society through the development of particle technology.
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Nanotechnology development

Nanotechnology for beauty and pharmaceutical products

Particle technology began a long time ago when people would grind grains and have developed to a point where it is now used in foods, pharmaceuticals, and other commodities as well as advanced technology such as IT and nanotechnology products.
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NanoImpact Series developed from a National Project

Hosokawa Micron has been working together with Gifu Pharmaceutical University on the national project of the development of nanotechnology for pharmacueticals conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
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