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Our NanoImpact 100 was created and innovated to stimulate fast results. At Hosokawa Micron, we have combined the most number of ingredients ever, including active and moisturizing ingredients to improve you hair and scalp condition.

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NanoImpact 100 Product Usage
01.Wash your Hair

We recommend Medical NanoImpact Shampoo & Conditioner for a healthier scalp.

02.Dry your Hair

Dry your hair and scalp with a towel or hair dryer.

03.Apply NanoImpact 100

Focus on the areas of concern e.g. edges and the top of the head (recommended use: twice a day) Experience the impact of PLGA nano capsules.

04.Massage your Scalp

Massage your scalp using the pads of your fingers instead of the nails and improve the circulation for better hair growth.



30% Increase in absorbability, actualizing 140nm PLGA Nanoparticles. The “PLGA nanoparticles” technology that Hosokawa Micron created allows the product to penetrate* past the oily pores and into your hair follicles.


Additional Ingredients

4 additional ingredients, a total of 43 ingredients. It is designed using Hosokawa Micron’s special formula. It contains the largest number of ingredients among the NanoImpact series including active and moisturizing ingredients to improve your hair and scalp condition.


Times the Effect

The active ingredients reach and stay in your scalp! The “PLGA nanoparticles” will break down from the moisture in your scalp and release its ingredients continuously. NanoImpact 100 keeps working for 12 hours.

NanoImpact 100 reaching the Hair Follicles
Most hair loss treatments have been in the form of liquids. We did a study on the effect of the liquid treatment in the hair follicle. Results showed that the liquid treatment was not always able to get past the clogged pores. Therefore, the ingredients were not reaching the hair follicle.
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100 Trillion Nano Particles in your Hair Follicles.

We succeeded in combining 100 trillion PLGA nanoparticles which were improved to where it can pass through the clogged pores and continue to release the ingredients for over 12 hours. Our solution from the 100 years of experience is the NanoImpact 100 with a power of 100 trillion.

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Osaka, Japan

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